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The faculty at Henderson State University are here to support your online learning experience. Our educators are highly qualified in their fields and responsive to your needs throughout your degree program.
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Dr. Ajay K. Aggarwal

Professor of Management

"Exploit all the knowledge that is imparted. Your effort and readiness will largely determine your success."

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Dr. Andrew D. Almand

Donald R. Dodson Associate Professor of Accountancy

“Overall, I want my students to synthesize their skills, experiences and knowledge with the accounting knowledge they attain in my course to make decisions for the businesses in the cases we analyze and discuss.”

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Dr. David Rodriguez

Associate Professor of Finance

“I would like students to be able to apply course material in their financial decision-making processes in their chosen career paths.”

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HSU Faculty Photo of Edward O. Akoto

Dr. Edward O. Akoto

Associate Professor of Management

“I enjoy sharing my knowledge and I see it as service to humankind.”

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HSU Faculty Photo of Jane Adams

Jane Adams

Professional Instructor-Accounting & Analytics

“To be successful in life, we must learn to speak the language of those around us. To be successful in business, we must learn to speak accounting!”

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HSU Faculty Photo of Jennifer Zarzosa

Dr. Jennifer Zarzosa

Associate Professor of Marketing

“The professor is a facilitator and guide. Take responsibility for your learning. As a graduate student, participate in the critical discourse and pose interesting ideas that may challenge the status quo.”

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HSU Faculty Photo of Lonnie L. Jackson

Dr. Lonnie L. Jackson

Associate Professor of Management, MBA Director

“Change is constant in the current business environment, so develop an ability to embrace change and understand the importance of adaptability and flexibility in the workplace.”

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Dr. Marc Miller

Professor and Dean

“Our MBA provides the critical thinking skills to successfully lead the transformational changes that companies need to compete in the today's environment.”

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HSU Faculty Photo of Rickey McDaniel

Dr. Rickey McDaniel

Professor of Engineering and Physics

“I want to students to learn the essential skills relevant to managing cross-disciplinary engineering and science-based teams in industries.”

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HSU Faculty Photo of Troy Hogue

Troy Hogue

Instructor and Director, Department of Aviation

“The text, lectures and assignments will all complement themselves, but the text needs to be the first item accomplished.”

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Andrew Almand Xu Xu

Dr. Xu Xu

Associate Professor of Economics and Data Analytics

“Take the time to do the work and enjoy.”

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