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Why Business Professionals and Employers Value the MBA in Management

According to the 2021 GMAC report, 91% of recruiters plan to hire Master of Business Administration (MBA) graduates in 2021. The report also states employers in the consulting, finance, accounting, healthcare/pharma, products/services and technology industries planned to hire more Master of Management candidates in 2021 than in 2020 — which makes management one of the most sought-after skills for business professionals.

An advanced business degree, like the MBA with a concentration in Management online program from Henderson State University, is especially valuable to both professionals and employers, as professionals can reap many benefits from the degree and recruiters are looking for business professionals with versatile skills (especially those in management).

Why Business Professionals Value the MBA in Management

There are varying reasons why business professionals value the MBA in Management degree, and it depends on their personal goals. A Harvard Business Review article refers to the following four reasons why pursuing an MBA is worth it:

1. Future-proof your career

An MBA with a concentration in management program helps you develop the in-demand professional leadership and analytical skills that give you an advantage in a wide range of business management roles. Whether you choose to pivot careers or accelerate your career path, having an MBA in Management degree on your resume helps you stand out among the competition. You can pursue roles such as marketing director, project manager, business consultant and even the owner of your own business.

2. Pivot your career

Pivoting to a new job is challenging for professionals who’ve worked within the same industry for years or decades. Changing careers can be scary but staying in a career that doesn’t suit you can be more frightening.

According to a recent Pew Research Center Survey, “Some 53% of employed adults who quit a job in 2021 say they have changed their field of work or occupation at some point in the past year.” So, you’re not alone in wanting more than what you have right now. One of the key ways to pivot your career is by furthering your education with an MBA degree.

3. Accelerate your career path

Not everyone who pursues an MBA degree wants to pivot careers or choose entrepreneurialism. Professionals value an MBA program that helps them move up in their current organization and earn a higher salary. For example, the 2021 GMAC report states the median salary for an MBA graduate is $115,000 compared to $65,000 for someone who holds a bachelor’s degree. Often organization leaders value promoting from within, especially those who’ve pursued a graduate degree in management and leadership.

4. Expand and diversify your network

There’s no way of knowing where new connections will take you. Enrolling in an MBA program allows you to meet new professors, staff, peers and industry experts. This ultimately strengthens your network and can lead to exciting opportunities in your professional and personal life.

Why Employers Value the MBA in Management

Employers know they need to hire great employees in order to increase their bottom line. Professionals who earn an MBA with a concentration in management become a great asset to employers for these four reasons:

1. Data science skills

Due to the ever-changing landscape of technology, employers value professionals with current data science skills who can leverage to benefit their organizations. MBA in management graduates gain the skills to address and evaluate the possible information technology issues. They often know how to strategically implement technology and develop and maintain secure, effective systems.

2. Next-level business skills

The World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Report states half of all employees will need reskilling by 2025. Employers will continue valuing professionals who already acquire necessary business and management skills.

For example, according to the 2021 GMAC report, among the top skills recruiters value in business school graduates are skills in:

  • Interpersonal relations
  • Learning, motivation and leadership
  • Managing decision-making processes
  • Strategy and systems management
  • Managing strategy and innovation

Professionals who earn their MBA in management degree from Henderson State University enhance their oral communication, ethical reasoning, strategic decision-making and leadership skills through rigorous coursework.

3. Adaptability 

Since leaders and managers can’t (and shouldn’t) rely on traditional business skills alone to successfully lead organizations, they need to hire professionals who can successfully navigate constant transitions. Business degree graduates develop adaptability from learning many new skills during their graduate program. Employers seek out professionals who are open to the idea of change and embrace it wholeheartedly.

4. New strategies 

Business management knowledge is continually changing. MBA graduates who understand current management concepts, such as analytics and marketing, help organizations create new strategies. The fresh perspectives of MBA graduates can lead an organization to greater success.

Become a High-Demand MBA Graduate

The demand for employers and employees goes both ways regarding an MBA in management degree. With Henderson State University’s online MBA in Management program, students can complete their education in as few as 14 months. Without scheduling on-campus classes around work or other commitments, students can use their extra time to brainstorm career goals and strengthen their network.

At Henderson State University, graduates gain the top skills employers look for in MBA graduates and achieve their career goals.

Learn more about Henderson State University’s online MBA with a concentration in Management program.

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